How is the cost of a translation calculated?

Are you looking for a translation service?

The first thing to do is understand the purpose of the translation.

If it is a translation for an internal communication, such as an official letter to be distributed to a company’s various offices, you probably need a quick and not particularly elaborate translation.

On the other hand, if it is an external communication and you want to be sure that the message comes across as intended however it is interpreted, rather than a simple translation you will probably need a creative translation drafted by a native speaker.

Another point to consider is the length of the text. This can be measured in many different ways, so to avoid misunderstandings it is best to be clear on this concept from the outset. Number of words is probably the easiest and most objective method to define.

At Corrected, we specialise in fast translations that are always revised by a professional native speaker, to ensure optimal results at low prices!


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